What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

TV Decades Game Rules


(1) I give a video or photo depicting the show and it will have the theme song attached, (a) if the title of the show is not mentioned in the theme (b) if I was able to find the theme song (which is not always the case).

(2) You post your answer as a reply.

(3) Whom ever guesses first and is right, wins the topic, and I change the Show### heading to reflect the name of the person who won.

(4) If someone makes a guess - and another person answers it correctly. . . it's called a Snarf and you'll see this little guy on the answer I give.

(5) I do not consider spelling, unless it changes the meaning of the show title.

(6) You cannot cheat at this game. If you don't know the title, you can ask your spouse, parents, kids, or Google it if you recognize the star.

(7) If you see this on a show post, it only means that I loved the show!

(8) One Clean Sweep per person, per day is allowed in the open groups  

NOTE: If you do not have broadband access, please use the flat clues in the links posted below each video.

NOTE #2: On split decisions, discretion is mine.




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