What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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Miscellaneous - Mis045

Hair Rollers ??

Mis045 ~ Hair rollers - Larry Abshagen

Miscellaneous - Mis046

This is an hourglass. It dates back into antiquity and was used to measure an interval of time, usually an hour. It consisted of two vertical glass containers connected by a narrower glass tube. The normal filler was sand. As the sand ran from the top container through the tube to the bottom container, it would measure one hour to complete it's course. After the sand all runs to the bottom, the whole thing was inverted to begin the process over. The time interval measured was originally an hour, but many different sizes have been made and are still used today, as in an egg timer. Same with the filling material. It is usually sand, but can be other materials as well.

If they had different intervals, does that mean they made a 15 minute glass?

Mis046 ~ Hour glass - Melvin Quinney

Miscellaneous - Mis047

This is Rinso Blue. It was one of the earliest mass produced powdered laundry detergents, and was touted as cleaning sunshine white, and rinsing better than other detergents.

Mis047 ~ Rinso Blue - Melvin Quinney

Miscellaneous - Mis048

Ajax cleanser

Mis048 ~ Ajax Cleanser - Jim Buchanan





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