What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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Non-electric to boot

Tec009 ~ Adding Machine - Jim Buchanan

High Tech - Tec010

Polaroid camera

Tec010 ~ Polaroid Camera - Jim Buchanan

High Tech - Tec011

Underwood Typewriter

And boy were these babies heavy!

Tec011 ~ UnderwoodTypwriter - Larry Abshagen

High Tech - Tec012

Old fashioned icebox refrigerator

Yep, and no place to plug this baby in. Hadda fill it with ICE.

Tec012 ~ Ice Box - Larry Abshagen

High Tech - Tec013

This is an old printing press. It was manually operated by turning the wheel on the side. Each sheet of paper to be printed on was loaded one at a time.





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