What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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Tec014 ~ Pencil Sharpener (manual) - Melvin Quinney

High Tech - Tec015

I have no essay to write..It's a blender..it blends

Tec015 ~ Speed Blender - Jim Buchanan

High Tech - Tec016

This is a transistor radio. These radios were small, portable, battery operated radios that you could carry in your pocket. They were popular in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Not sure, but I think they were for AM stations only.

Tec016 ~ Transistor Radio - Melvin Quinney

High Tech - Tec017

This is a waffle iron. This particular one makes two waffles at a time. Waffle irons can be non-electric, for use on a stove, or electric. Basically they both produce the same results. The batter is poured into the base grid, to approximately half way, to prevent overflow from the second grid which is hinged to close down over the first. The hot grids then proceed to cook the batter and produce the browning on both sides of the waffle. Electric ones sometimes have a built in thermostat to turn the heat off when the waffle is done. Most have the honeycomb type pattern as shown above, but novelty waffle irons in many different shapes are available. Also the iron can be used with a variety of different batters and doughs for other things such as small cakes, etc.

Tec017 ~ Waffle Iron - Melvin Quinney

High Tech - Tec018

Vacuum ??





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