What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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Gadgets - Gad017

Typewriter eraser
Vintage typewriter eraser from Eberhard Faber, model Van Dyke. This model has the red eraser with green brush whiskers, one of the more colorful versions of the typewriter eraser. I believe these erasers were manufactured sometime between 1950-1960s. The eraser was used to eliminate mistakes while using a typewriter and the brush to whisk away any eraser crumbs left on the page.

Didn't know they were made for typewriters. Had one in my pencil case for school, but never used the brush at the end.

Gad017 ~ Farber Erasers - Larry Abshagen

Gadgets - Gad018

This is an early TV remote control. Not much to say about it. It had a combination on/off and volume control switch, channel switches and a mute switch. The model shown appears to be for a color TV set.

Gad018 ~ Zenith Space Command 1972 Remote control - Melvin Quinney

Gadgets - Gad019

Flour Sifter

Gad019 ~ Flour Sifter - Larry Abshagen

Gadgets - Gad020

Sunbeam mixmaster

Gad020 ~ Sunbeam Mixmaster - Larry Abshagen





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