What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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This is Calamine Lotion. It is used topically to soothe sunburn, itchiness, insect bites, minor rashes, etc.

Even used in the song Poison Ivy, as it's gonna take an Ocean of Calamine Lotion to fix the itch! LOL

FD045 ~ Calamine Lotion - Melvin Quinney

Food & Drugs - FD046

Dots candys
Dots, or Mason Dots (trademarked DOTS), is a brand of gum drops marketed by Tootsie Roll Industries, which claims that "since its 1945 launch," the candy has become "America's...#1 selling gumdrop brand." According to advertisements, more than four billion dots are produced from the Tootsie Roll Industries Chicago plant each year.
Dots were introduced in 1945 by Mason and trademarked that year. In 1972, Tootsie Roll Industries acquired the Dots brand by purchasing the Mason Division of Candy Corporation of America. Prior to that acquisition they were manufactured by Mason, AU and Magenheimer Confectionery Manufacturing Company of Brooklyn and later Mineola, New York.

Crows are the oldest candy in the Dots family, first created in the late 19th century. Original dots date back to 1945, Tropical Dots to 2003, and Yogurt Dots to 2007. Sour Dots were introduced in 2009–2010.

Who knew they had such a history?!?!?

FD046 ~ Dots - Larry Abshagen


Food & Drugs - FD047

is a brand of candy-coated chewing gum made by Cadbury Adams
The product's name is derived from the Spanish word chicle which is one of the substances from which chewing gum is made. Introduced in 1900, the original flavor was peppermint and assorted fruit flavors are still available in Algeria, Colombia, Argentina, Egypt, Canada, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Venezuela, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, and parts of the Americas.

FD047 ~ Chiclets - Larry Abshagen

Food & Drugs - FD048

Nestle Chunky chocolate bar-

Nestlé Chunky is a candy bar known for its trapezoidal shape and consists of milk chocolate, California raisins, and roasted peanuts. It is produced by Nestlé.The original Chunky consisted of a one piece section that was not sectionalized.
The Chunky candy bar was introduced in the late 1930s by New York City candy maker, Philip Silvershein. It was then made with cashews, chocolate, raisins and Brazil nuts. The composition of the bars was changed to peanuts, raisins, and chocolate when the Nestlé company assumed rights to the brand.





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