What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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Sports - ♣sp041

The NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!!!>>Rog does it all for you

♣sp041 ~ NFL - Jim Buchanan

Sports - ♣sp042

NY Yankees

♣sp042 ~ New York Yankees - Jim Buchanan

Sports - ♣sp043

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I mentioned yesterday that maybe this Life Signs Arc should go by the boards. They've been recycled and generally only Mel and I play. It would save you time wouldn't it?

Yep, and I'll be closing it for awhile to try and catch up.

♣sp043 ~ Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL - Jim Buchanan





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I'm sorry to report that Ning keeps losing game piece files that make it impossible for me to keep running the older game pieces (Forgettable Flash) so I'm closing that game until I can get them replaced or give up trying.

I'm still trying to keep the Decade TV Flash open, for now.


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