What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

These will consist of previously scheduled Noir Aux movies from the Flash database, that were never made, but was able to put GQ files together for.  I don't expect them to be well known or easy.

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≡ GIPHY Quote #GQFNn120 - 07-07-2017

Night editor..are previous pages ever returning?

I don't know, as the Ning ticket is still open, but in the mean time you can go up to the top of the page and click ≡ GQ to get back to the front and come back in again. In other forums just choose the link to the front. (I've been using my browser back button)

Jim Buchanan Won

Night Editor (1946)

≡ GIPHY Quote #GQFNn121 - 07-08-2017

Johnny Allegro

Jim Buchanan Won

Johnny Allegro (1949)

≡ GIPHY Quote #GQFNn122 - 07-09-2017

City that never sleeps

Jim Buchanan Won

City That Never Sleeps (1953)

≡ GIPHY Quote #GQFNn123 - 07-10-2017

The limping man

Jim Buchanan Won

The Limping Man (1953)





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