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This Site will be unposted Wednesday (wish us better luck for Thanksgiving)

Ning has had another meltdown!

I started posting this morning in the 2000's group and every time I edited a video game piece, the embed code vanished.  This is a huge problem.  Until Ning has a resolution, I will not be opening the rest of the game pieces, as I do not wish to have to repost every video on this site.

I have reported the problem on their Creator's site but do not know when it will be addressed.

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Update: Ning was able to figure out what they did wrong and fix the problem. Unfortunately it was too late in MY day to answer all posts, so I'll try again fresh for Thanksgiving. Last year I sent everyone a Thanksgiving video, but this year things have conspired against that happening, so I hope the cover page video will do. Please know that I do wish you all a great day, for you and your families.






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