What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

Because Ning is now going to be charging for the space and bandwidth used on their sites, I’m going to be forced to make some video size adjustments.  During this process, I will have to delete the old video and replace them with a smaller version.  I hope to still be able to post all of the decades during this transition but have to request your patience while I create, and upload the new replacement files, plus delete the older versions.  We have over 2,000 videos on this site and I’m working alone, so don’t really know how long this will take.  If you find a decade not posted, or that video clues are missing – it is probably because I’ve deleted the old and not gotten the replacement uploaded and re-posted.  I will keep the interruptions as short as possible but think it will take me the rest of the month and then some to get it all done.  


Thanks for your understanding,



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Thanks, Karen, I will need the luck! Hope I don't screw up any numbers.

I have determined that the best way to handle the video transition is to mass delete the current videos and then replace them with the smaller versions. I'm still working on the XO group, but the newest shows have been uploaded and will be posted, while all the rest will be gone as I can manage to get them deleted.

All 50's videos are deleted as of this morning and the rest of the decades will follow, but think I will try to do a complete decade at a time, so will start uploading the replacement 50's tomorrow. Uploading takes much more time than the deletions, so I'm still requesting patience. All members of each decade will be notified as they are completed and ready to play again.





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