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'Made In Jersey' Canceled CBS Pulls Series From Schedule

"Made In Jersey" has been pulled from CBS' schedule and this could very well mean the Garden State-set drama is canceled. CBS will shuffle its Friday night lineup and add "Undercover Boss" starting in November.

"Made In Jersey" has been a poor performer for CBS in the ratings. The show premiered to 7.8 million viewers and a 1.1 rating. The second episode had 6.8 million viewers and a disastrous 0.8 rating.

However, of the nearly 20 television critics HuffPost TV interviewed to share what they viewed as the worst show of the 2012-2013 TV season, none said "Made In Jersey."

Season 4 of "Undercover Boss" will premiere on Friday, November 2 at 8 p.m. ET and "CSI: NY" will shift to 9 p.m. ET now that "Made In Jersey" has been removed from the Friday night lineup. The first episode of "Undercover Boss" features Mitchell B. Modell, the CEO of Modell's Sporting Goods. Other Season 4 participants include Tilted Kilt's Ron Lynch and Cinnabon Inc. president Kat Cole.

"Made In Jersey" is the first new show of the Fall 2012 season to be pulled by a network.

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Yes, I gave Mob Doc one whole episode, but am still recording it for Dale.  I dropped it right away, along with Made in NJ.  My picks for the year to date include Last Resort, Revolution, Chicago Fire will get another look.  I liked Elementary but not enough to give up Scandal and I'm still debating with myself over 666 Park Ave.

Here's my question on Chicago Fire; What's it gonna do that Rescue Me didn't already do and probably better?? I like the one 666 I saw, I have another one recorded. Last Resort is stretching a little, but Braugher and Robert Patrick are so good, I'll hang in.

I didn't like Rescue Me, so maybe Chicago Fire will not last either.  Like Karen,  I have to care about the people  and didn't on Rescue Me.  666 has possibilities and I agree they are stretching Last Resort but the cast is so good it's hard to let it go.  If they could have kept up the intensity of the pilot, there would be nothing stopping it.  No to Revolution, Jim?





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