What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

Thursday nights, 8PM, 7PM Central is when ABC will be airing the best pilot I think I've ever seen.  I can't imagine where they will be taking this show but if you like tense, edge of your seat action, you should take the time to watch Last Resort!

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From what I've seen on the teases it looks like something I would watch.

I will not miss one episode if I can help it!  Extremely high tension level all the way through the pilot, and you keep thinking, OMG what else can they do to keep this going?  Andre Braugher is fabulous as the Captain of the sub, and his Chief of the boat was on The Unit, and I like him too, but can't think of his name.  Keep an eye on ABC, I'm sure they'll rebroadcast it, if not on TV then here online. ABC

I just read another site which said ratings were really good. Still concerned about time-slot. Good, very tense, well-acted(Braugher at his best), and a lot of what's gonna come teasing. I'm there.

Good deal! I was about to lose hope when you said they had poor ratings for the pliot (in Quote Me).  Like I said in there, I agree that this series NEEDS to be much later, like 9 or 10 Eastern.  Finding the right spot for it will determine if it survives, and I can't wait for the next episode!!!


Yes, the Ruskies were a nice touch. Amazingly I noticed that the pilot episode was not cautioned for "Violence".  It was still TV 14 but only Language.  I have to wonder when they don't consider nuclear annihilation violent, but then what do I know?  The on the ground combat made them put the "V" in the rating, however.  Nice psychological touch, to try and get the XO's wife to convince him to turn over the boat and his captain. . . but it didn't work.





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