What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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Techno Dancing

Don't think I've ever heard of techno dancing, but the kid sure seems to be enjoying it. Looks like one could work up a sweat doing it. LOL

Well I'm sure you've run across Techno-music, so I guess this dance goes with that! Play this and watch him above. . . it kinda works!

Wow! That techno music sounded great. I had not heard anything like that before, and will check more of it out on YouTube. Thanks.

Whom ever invented this and made the video, called it The Bed Sheets Game.

LOL Good name. It looks like both are having fun. If I ever get another cat, I'm going to try that. The title of the video reminds me of a stupid game I used to play as an adolescent.
It was called Between the Bed Sheets. We would name a song title and add between the bed sheets on the end of it. Like "All Shook Up Between the Bed Sheets" or "Sweet Little Sixteen Between the Bed Sheets" Back then and at that age, we thought it was hilarious.

Don't try this one at home!

LOL All three must be crazy. The girl must have a death wish.

LOL Poor little kitty just wanted some attention; but found out too late some attention can weigh heavy.

LOL he prolly needs to pick on someone more his size!

I'm thinking this kids mom must spend a lot of time on the phone, cuz he's got the gabber down cold!

OMG He sure does. The hand gestures, the facial expressions, and the overall body language. LOL





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