What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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LOL That's one hell of a slam dunk.

Oh my God! There's a new kid on the block.

Today's is named "Keep your eye on the ball" LOL

LOL Well he's trying his best to follow Dad's instructions.

LOL A doggie version of an exercise in frustration.

For certain! LOL He can see that bone down there, but can't for the life of him, pick it up!

LOL Cat says, "Screw you. Try to throw me in the water. Well, I'm not gonna stick around to pull you out."

LOL That little one is completely fascinated with those bubbles. Had he been born much earlier, he would have had a blast on the set of The Lawrence Welk Show.

He doesn't even seem exasperated by not being able to grab one, yet!

I've always heard the saying "Crafty as a fox." Well, this little fox is definitely crafty. He wanted that loaf of bread and figured out just how to get it. LOL


Time to Mix in a Salad??

LOL Good one Jim





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