What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

New for 2016 - comments on the daily funny.

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LOL This is one of the best you've ever posted. It gave me a good laugh to start my day.

LOL Love it!


LOL My daughter Sarah would definitely agree with this sign. Love it.


LOL I wonder what little Mayberry type town that is. You can see it's actually posted in some town.

LOL Because the picture and the print was small, I was trying to figure out why a bird would be perched on a coffin. So when I enlarged the picture all I can say is LOL. Will be showing that one to friends for sure.


Not too risque for you? I'm certain Jim may remind me that he thought this a "Family Site". LOL

LOL Nothing's too risque for me. I have no scruples. I'm sure you're right about Jim's tongue in cheek reply.

They couldn't close the lid for a week

LOL Good one Jim.

No particular comment on this one, except it was the first thing I looked at when I fired up the site this morning. Great laugh to start my day.


LOL I don't remember when I first got curious about such things,
but I don't think I ever tried that.


LOL Many a true word is spoken in jest.






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