What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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LOL The latest trend in designer tombstones.

Yeah, prolly not from someone of our generation, though.

LOL That's for sure!

Funny, but sadly oh so true.

LOL I'm a midnight snack person; now I have an excuse.


LOL I love this one. I'll get a lot of miles out of it.


LOL That just about covers it all.

LOL I love the first senior moment. Great one.


LOL I used to love to read Dave Barry's column in the newspaper. He could always brighten my day.


I like the sit-com (Dave's World) they did about him too!

Never got to see that as I was indisposed at the time.

LOL  I think, in a way, I have been plagiarized.  In 1997 I wrote a song called "You Can't Honky Tonk In a Prison."  Fifteen years later, in 2012 a country singer named George Goss release his song "Ain't No Honky Tonks in Jail".  Admittedly it is a different tune with different words, but the idea is exactly the same as mine with lyrics like, “Ain’t no dancin’ goin’ on. No guitar pickin’ all night long. Nobody’s here to go my bail. Ain’t no honky tonks in jail…,” about someone who has had the experience of having their freedom taken away.  Sheesh!






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