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"Damn these wings! Can't fly with them, but at least I can use them to conduct an orchestra."

You think he's gonna fall over any minute, he's so unsure on those little feet!

Whoa, I didn't even notice how he almost tipped over backwards on his heels. LOL

Yeah, but he's okay, cuz his sedentary mug-wump brother is there to hold onto! LOL

LOL It does look like he's grabbing on to the other one.

Cute little cat knows the meaning of the word "contentment." All snuggled up under the covers and cuddling his teddy bear.

He might be a cool cat, but if I was a dog, I'd steer clear. LOL

Now that's what I call a great porter. And he doesn't expect a big tip, maybe just a doggie treat. LOL

I think that Yorkie's leavin' home! LOL

Oh no! It's the old prodigal pup story again.

Cute little mice. Maybe someday they'll play for the San Antonio Spurs. LOL Great follow-up to yesterday's trained rat video.

Well I thought the goody grabbin' mouse was Michael Jordan, but now know he must be Tim Duncan!





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