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"How the hell you can do that with only two legs, when I can't even do it with four!"

The dog sure does look like his "get-up-and-go" - "got-up-and-went" LOL

LOL He sure does.

LOL Reminds me of the old Coppertone ads.

LOL with the bare-butt girl!

LOL That's the one.

"Doggone! When I was eating that leftover pizza it was Hip, hip, hooray.  Now it's Hip, hip away."

They may have underestimated how big he was gonna get, when they bought his dog door! LOL  He sure did figure out how to do it, though as he knew to used the wall for support with this front legs!

Smart pooch. LOL

Don't you know his Mom is gonna save this video to embarrass him with when he's 14!?!?!

Cute little guy sure is into his music. If he keeps that up he'll burn that fat off in no time. LOL

Been watching that little chubby boy dancing since I got up and signed on this morning. He is so damned cute and funny looking at the same time. Love this one.





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