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LOL All I could think about when I saw that cat and those ducklings was "Run, Forrest, run!"


I wet my plants. Great play on words and great sign for a landscape company. I bet many nurseries in that area are wishing they would have thought of that one. LOL

Karen sent that to me this morning and I just hadda post it! ROFL

LOL on Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Dent Back. What a great "no returns" policy.

LOL There are days when I can definitely identify with the sign "...that's enough for one day."

Flibbertigibbet is so cute, and so appropriately named. LOL Rhino never mentioned his family.

Don't we all have an "Uncle Fester" in the family tree, somewhere?


LOL That kitty wasn't about to share his food with that dog.

It's gotta crack ya right up to see that cat realizes the dogs mouth is a way lot bigger and he'll never get a single bite. . . if the doesn't smack him outta the way! ROFL





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