What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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I don't know, it was way before my time. All of my grandfather's brothers and sisters, including my grandfather, died violent deaths. My grandfather was killed when his horse stepped into a gopher hole. The horse fell on him and crushed him. His brother Wesley, is the one that fell in the javelina pen. His younger brother was killed when he was only fourteen, he fell off a hay wagon onto a pitchfork. Another of his brothers was shot and killed by a preacher because he was caught having sex with the preachers wife on the church steps at two in the morning. One sister, Ida, had her head blown off by a shotgun by her jealous ex-husband. The other sister died of skin cancer. Their mother, my great-grandmother, outlived all of her kids. Oh yes, her husband, my great-grandfather, died in a car wreck. She died one day before her 100th birthday.

Hell of a family with great stories Mel. Too bad about great-grandma outliving all her children. Don't you think that English is missing a term for Parents who lose kids?

I mean we have Orphans for kids who lose parents, and Widow/Widowers for spouses lost, but nothing for the parents who lose children! Since parents are never supposed to die before their kids... you'd think we've have a term for it!?!?!

I had never thought of that before, but you are right. With all of the words we have in the English language, and with all the synonyms we have for specific words, I guess someone screwed up (Noah Webster?) and left that one out.

LOL Honeybees have a queen, workers, soldiers, drones, etc., but the don't have any air traffic controllers.

They must have had the equivalent of a Ronald Bee Regan, who fired them all!  ROFL

LOL Good one Cat.

That dog scratching his back seems to be saying "Oh, that feels so good." Reminds me of Baloo the Bear in Jungle Book.

I think it's a "she", and whatever that dance is. . . she's sure having fun.

Tiger says "Yeh, ya got me, but just come back and try it again."

Bird says "I'm only into fly by night, affairs"!






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