What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

New for 2016 - comments on the daily funny.

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OMG Fear the fuzzy. I'm shaking in my flip-flops, having an anxiety attack, and might have nightmares for years to come. Be scared. Be VERY scared!

Nutty Hedges - That squirrel was really enjoying that massage. LOL

Yeah, cute giphy!

Old person, old high school. Love that one. I occasionally run into an old high school buddy, and think how old he looks. Then I go home and look in the mirror. YIKES! Looking old must be contagious.

Those three dogs remind me of me. They love to go for a walk. LOL

That squirrel with the harmonica is really jammin'; he can't help but tap his foot tho his great music. LOL

Just a corny caption for today's funny, "Ears to you."

LOL on the cat and the kid in the snow. Once again, the ferocious lion brings down his prey.

You never know with cats. Maybe his tootsies were cold in the snow and he just wanted a ride. LOL

LOL This little guy is really gettin' down with the music. He must have watched the movie The Little Princess, because the stairs behind him remind me of Shirley Temple and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson doing their dance on the stairs.

I know the scene you're speaking of, and agree!

LOL This must be Dumbo the Elephant's flight crew.





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