What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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LOL Aren't we all. I sure hope we don't have to start all over. Still exhausted from the last start over. Hell, I get out of breath threading a needle.

The two bears waving is great. I got to wondering if bears mimic people, or if they were trained to wave. Probably figured out that if they wave back they will get some free food. It beats Yogi Bear stealing pic-i-nic baskets in Jellystone Park. LOL

I told Dale this morning, that the one on the right was a puppy we had named Pepper and the one on the left her partner Sucker.  Sucker would grudgingly do some tricks for goodies, but Pepper would do anything. . . to get something for her mouth!  LOL  I do remember Yogi and his Pic-a-nic baskets! 

Maybe those two bears are reincarnations of Pepper and Sucker.

LOL That little lamb was eating up that attention. Like Little Bo Peep's lambs, he was wagging his tail behind him.

He sure had some tail action going, huh?  Even more than top of the head was behind the ears! LOL

LOL All I could think about when I saw that cat and those ducklings was "Run, Forrest, run!"


I wet my plants. Great play on words and great sign for a landscape company. I bet many nurseries in that area are wishing they would have thought of that one. LOL

Karen sent that to me this morning and I just hadda post it! ROFL





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