What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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Cute little guy sure is into his music. If he keeps that up he'll burn that fat off in no time. LOL

Been watching that little chubby boy dancing since I got up and signed on this morning. He is so damned cute and funny looking at the same time. Love this one.

Gotta luv his hair too! LOL

Absolutely. I posted this .gif on Facebook;, it's great.

I recognize the killer whale, but I wonder what that is he's eating. That's one hell of a big seafood meal. I wonder if it comes with tartar sauce.

I think what ever the hell he's eating would make most other fish look small and insignificant - but to this whale, he's just lunch! LOL (The tail reminds me of a sword fish, but that's just a guess, cuz you'd need to see it's nose to tell that)

LOL Great caption for that .gif; but I don't think the dog appreciated the joke at all.

LOL Reminds me of the W.C. Fields line, "Go away, kid, you bother me."

The kids were trying to scare the ape, but I think he knew "turn-about" is fair play! LOL






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