What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

New for 2016 - comments on the daily funny.

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All right, Cat, stop putting ideas into my head. LOL


Just don't make am Ash out of yourself Mel


The simplest solution is the adopt the reincarnation philosophy, so you'll come back with a smokin' hot body next time around! 

LOL I told you to stop putting ideas into my head Cat.

Beautiful picture.

Not Too gay..looks like future male figure skaters OLL

I don't know about gay nor figure skaters, but some of those guys, especially the one laying down on the right center of the picture, somehow reminds me of my ex.

I ain't touching that one LLO


LOL Good advice.


LOL Jim will really like this one today. I've only been golfing once in my life, and not even one "miracle" for me.






There are no birthdays today

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