What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

New for 2016 - comments on the daily funny.

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You never know with cats. Maybe his tootsies were cold in the snow and he just wanted a ride. LOL

LOL This little guy is really gettin' down with the music. He must have watched the movie The Little Princess, because the stairs behind him remind me of Shirley Temple and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson doing their dance on the stairs.

I know the scene you're speaking of, and agree!

LOL This must be Dumbo the Elephant's flight crew.

I've always loved cat's. It would be nice to have one that size. Not only to have something nice, warm, and soft to lean back on with my coffee, but also the fact that when it purrs I get a great back massage. LOL

Ve-r-r-r-y nice for a Cat Nap and you'd have to be right about the vibrator! LOL

LOL Another great play on words Cat.

That rooster better be careful. I think that dog would enjoy a chicken dinner better than that dry dog food. LOL

Chicken dinner is right! I think it's a Hen, though, as I don't see a cock's comb.

It might be a hen. I thought I saw a red comb. But, then again, I didn't have my hearing aids on. LOL

The senior citizens center sign by the cemetery is funny - very sick humor, but still funny.





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No further word from Ning about the animated game pieces.

Tired of waiting, and am looking into ways to convert the gif files to video. Royal pain in the butt and lots of work but no other choice.


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