What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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Not sure if the elephant is kicking a coconut or a ball, but in either case they sure have him well trained. Although it doesn't show, I bet he made a field goal too. LOL

I didn't notice until you mentioned it, but there does seem to be some kinda goal structure off the left side of the screen!  How the hell do you even begin to teach an Elephant to do something like that?????

I guess they only had to show the elephant how to do it one time. They say elephants have good memories. LOL

Those two dogs, of vastly different size, look like two good friends enjoying eacy other's company.

Puts me in mind of the Kimmel (?) video where the big one ate the little one, though!

Yes, me too. I was waiting for the meal in this one. LOL

I found it!

One of my favorite videos.

Little kitten is very relaxed, and since he doesn't have any thumbs to twiddle, he does the kitty cat equivalent of thumb twiddling. LOL

Believe it or not, the title on it was "What is his annoying thing?" LOL  It looks to me like love at first sight!

LOL Love at first site is a much better title.





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