What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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This one's called, "Taking Candy from a Baby" and you can see why

LOL The kid didn't cry over it, but just looked curious as to what the heck that was that took his cookie.

LOL The cat inside the cabinet reminds me of Red Skelton's Mean Widdle Kid. He looks out, sticks his paw out and thinks "If I dood it I'll get a whippin'." Then he thinks "I dood it." and slaps the other cat.

LOL That dog is the epitome of laziness.

And having a great old time, doing it! LOL

I'd call this "Kiss the boo-boo"

The two kids are so cute. Kiss it and make it better.

Cute little raccoon. Don't know what he's eating, but whatever it is he's enjoying the heck out of it.

I know! It's almost like he's thanking the Gods for his good fortune. LOL


Little guy with his barbells is so cute. Love the way he goes down like he's saying "Yyeeess! I'm so strong."

LOL "I might have a reputation of being chicken; but when I'm hungry I'm a hawk. Now get the hell away from me!"





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