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Just too cute for words.

Gotta luv those big eyes, and he's really enjoying that pacifier!

The eyes have it. LOL

LOL That hurt me to even watch it. Those golf balls are hard, and it looks like it ricocheted back into his ankle. OUCH!

I don't golf, but I'll bet Jim would suggest a different club, to get the ball over that little wall. LOL

LOL Yeah, I was thinking about Jim too when I saw this.

These two are aptly named SPRINGbok Antelope

Very aptly named. Glad I'm not one of them. I'd be out of breath after two jumps. LOL

LOL Poor little guy. I guess he feels like Rodney Dangerfield,"No respect."

It looks like he's experimenting with emotional faces, and it's really cute!

LOL That's for sure. He seems surprised when his eyes open wide, undecided when he shrugs his shoulders, and definitely unhappy.

Oh rats! I wasn't just pussyfooting around when I told you to save me some.





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