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I'm not sure what today's kitty is doing (I'm sure the dog knows), but he's doing it with style and conviction. LOL

LOL I thought the blue thing was one of those footie type slippers on a woman's leg wearing black leotards. Are my eyes getting as bad as my ears?

OMG you're right, that's his owners foot! I guess cat's saying I WANT TO PLAY!  It looked like maybe a dog had the other side of the blue thing and was fighting the cat for it!  Good eyes, Mel. 

And Kitty Catson wins the Gold Medal for Feline Figure Skating.

And really seems to enjoy it, huh?

Your probably right on the enjoying it thing. One thing for sure, Kitty sure doesn't seem perturbed about it. LOL

LOL Those two dogs remind me of microscopic cells dividing and multipying.

Yeah, I called this one "A One and A Two..."


Not sure if the elephant is kicking a coconut or a ball, but in either case they sure have him well trained. Although it doesn't show, I bet he made a field goal too. LOL

I didn't notice until you mentioned it, but there does seem to be some kinda goal structure off the left side of the screen!  How the hell do you even begin to teach an Elephant to do something like that?????

I guess they only had to show the elephant how to do it one time. They say elephants have good memories. LOL





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