What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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The devil made me do it!

The senior cell phone is great, but I'm afraid I'd have to use a pencil to dial it. LOL

LOL About finding your car in the parking lot. I don't know if that's so much age related. Even when I was younger I depended very much on my remote "panic" button to set off my horn and flash my lights until I could at least figure which direction to go to my car in the parking lot.

At least I'm not having problems with the Animal gif's imported from other sites. I still have no clue when the problem will be fixed with the animation files, only that's it's been reported to their tech staff. I tested an upload on Ning's Creator's site, to see if it's system wide, and it is. I can't get previously uploaded gif code to work in there either.

Another saying for your hangman games, "This, too, shall pass." LOL

How about "From you lips. . ." ?

Let's hope that either one or both sayings ring true for us with these animations.

I'm not at all sure they didn't just drop supporting animated gifs. That'll mean yet another start over from scratch. I'm getting too old for this crap!

LOL Aren't we all. I sure hope we don't have to start all over. Still exhausted from the last start over. Hell, I get out of breath threading a needle.

The two bears waving is great. I got to wondering if bears mimic people, or if they were trained to wave. Probably figured out that if they wave back they will get some free food. It beats Yogi Bear stealing pic-i-nic baskets in Jellystone Park. LOL

I told Dale this morning, that the one on the right was a puppy we had named Pepper and the one on the left her partner Sucker.  Sucker would grudgingly do some tricks for goodies, but Pepper would do anything. . . to get something for her mouth!  LOL  I do remember Yogi and his Pic-a-nic baskets! 





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Starting the upload process to replace the animated gif files with mp4 videos today.

Please be patient, as I'm not sure how long the process will take, but we will have the animated game pieces back, as soon as I can manage the transfer.

GQ 30's are playable, until I run out, but it'll be some time before I can start making new game pieces again.


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