What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

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LOL "I might have a reputation of being chicken; but when I'm hungry I'm a hawk. Now get the hell away from me!"

What to do when the band sucks!

LOL The boy really doesn't like girl bands.

lol Poor guy can't figure out if he's coming or going.

Somebody reversed this one, for sure! LOL

That's why all dogs go to heaven. LOL

LOL That's what I call getting nowhere fast.

I'm sure Escalators are mind boggling at that age!

Little guy was really interested in that shadow creature; but when it "attacked" the kid said "I'm outa here!" LOL

Yeah, holding on ain't easy when you scared! LOL

Wow! I thought this was a mother rhino tossing her calf; but then got to thinking that can't be. Looked the .gif up on YouTube and see it was an uninvited warthog that got tossed. They should name this video like the movie, "Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner." LOL

Yeah, Mom didn't care for the warthog around her youngin'!





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