What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

Melvin will be taking over the video posts and since they'll be all from YouTube, I set up this page for discussions of them. 

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It's an interesting concept, but sounds like an accident waiting to happen, an accident of catastrophic proportions. It's really kind of scary to me. I probably won't be around by the time 2030 gets here, but it scares me for my children, and grandchildren, and later generations.

My uneducated point is that 7 times the temperature of the interior of the sun is one whole hell of a lot of heat. They mention how they can contain the heat, but just one glitch in the system could release that heat, and once unharnessed, there's nothing on earth that would be able to withstand those temperatures. Could be I'm just way too ignorant to comprehend this (like those who still believe the earth is flat) or I'm just a paranoid who's afraid of something I don't understand. But I must admit, I'm still impressed by the advances in physics.

I liked the deer rescue!

I love the song Blue Moon, but didn't really know what it meant until I saw this.

Yeah, I didn't know either until I looked it up working with my music trivia a few years ago.

Beautiful flowers. Time lapse photography has really brought us a lot of enjoyment in watching these flowers open. I have some kind of ground cover just outside my front window. The purple flowers close at night, but as soon as the first rays of sun hit them I can actually watch them open in real time. So neat.

You might wanna leave Theresa a link to this one, as I'm certain the whole family are horse lovers, but she's with her sick grandbaby now and don't know when she'll be back. :-(

Theresa is not on my friends list in the messenger section. I'm sure I sent her a friend request long ago and never got a reply. If you know how, maybe you can tell me how to post it on her page.

Sure, just go to her home page and leave the link on the comment wall. (Theresa Karle) I was just there to get the link and it shows your avatar as a friend! 

LOL I lost the video and can't find it again. But thanks for the info.

This guy wants to prevent anyone from being able to say "they smell a Rat" LOL





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