What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

Melvin will be taking over the video posts and since they'll be all from YouTube, I set up this page for discussions of them. 

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LOL Great thought Cat.


Was that a cockatiel (bird) doing that dance?

Yes it was a cockatiel. Kept great time to the music too. He ought to open his own dance studio. LOL

Bean can be funny, honest - just not in this one. I see he posted it, so guess he liked it.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Never saw anything he had posted before. I agree, it was not funny to me either. But we're all different, so I figured maybe some of the other members might like it.

This one's name Mr Bean on Viagra

LOL I might send that one to my kids.

Listen to the song, avoid the video at all costs. LOL


It's amazing how they all look so guilty, even if they didn't do it! LOL

LOL Those two with the little girl were definitely being framed. I think they should demand a retrial.





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