What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

Melvin will be taking over the video posts and since they'll be all from YouTube, I set up this page for discussions of them. 

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LOL Baby Moon Walk is one of my favorites. Thanks for posting it again.

Still worn out from yesterday at the hospital, and this morning at my nursing home gig. Didn't feel like spending an hour looking for an Easter video, so immediately picked this out. Sorry about the length.

I'm ready for Spring too!

I bet you are. Just looked at the Chicago weather and saw that it is 26 there this morning. According to your 10 day forecast, your warmest day is 10 days from now. Going all the way up to a whopping 51. LOL I can see why you posted the letter to Old Man Winter in today's funny. It's 68 here this morning, and our ten day has highs in the 80s all the way through the next 10 days. Love it.


I think she may have a problem with hooves in the house, when Tiny reaches age 2 or 3!

LOL Maybe she might be able to find two pair of donkey flip-flops on e-bay.

You can Keep the Google Glasses!

I can do without every technological advance after Windows 7. LOL

Beautiful Time Lapse Photography!

LOL I thought about scissors too, but the old lady was laughing so much, she would have probably stabbed him trying to cut the seat belt.





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