What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

Melvin will be taking over the video posts and since they'll be all from YouTube, I set up this page for discussions of them. 

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LOL Those two with the little girl were definitely being framed. I think they should demand a retrial.

LOL Love your little cat gif. I know you're probably getting tired of my cat videos, it's just that I am so fond of cats I can't help myself.

I Never tire of them!  They're fun and I think most folks like them, even Dale who doesn't care the the animals, likes the videos. LOL

That's good to know; but I still try for some diversity in subject matter. It's just that sometimes my heart wins over my mind. LOL

They can keep the Crocks, and didn't have to warn me not to try this myself. LOL

LOL You got that right. It almost seems ridiculous for them to give that warning, but after watching so many YouTube videos, there are stupid people out there that will try it.

I think either you or I had posted this before, but I thought it was worth a re-post.


Sorry, but the McDonald's ad did nothing for me.

LOL Did nothing for me either. Neither does their food except for their McRibs when they have them.
Just ran it because it is different. Gonna take a chance on a Facebook video tomorrow and see if it will work on the site since I re-installed Google.

People ARE Awesome, and some of them, just plain nuts! Didja notice how many of them were over the age of 50, though? ROFL





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