What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

Melvin will be taking over the video posts and since they'll be all from YouTube, I set up this page for discussions of them. 

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Never saw the movie A Prairie Home Companion, and now for sure I won't! LOL

LOL I have seen the movie three times and have listened to the radio broadcast for years. It is great if you like country music and country humor. The story, itself, is somewhat strange. If corniness is not you're thing, then this movie is definitely not for you.

John Denver and Tennessee Ernie Ford (back in the day) are as country as I get, so I know it's not for me.

I knew all of them but never watched Pete & Gladys or Grindle.

Yeh, me too. I did watch Pete & Gladys, which was a spin-off from December Bride, but never saw nor even heard of Grindle. I mainly remember Imogene Coca from Your Show of Shows.

Sing it Percy!

The best was the one that started 4 minutes in, where the person getting a facial, ends up on the veggie table! LOL

LOL Can you imagine what went through their minds when they opened their eyes? The team that thinks up these gags are very creative.

LOL I wonder if he eats at IHOP.

I loved this video. It reminds me of the one you ran about that dog named Denver.





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