What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

Melvin will be taking over the video posts and since they'll be all from YouTube, I set up this page for discussions of them. 

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Navigation Nannies

LOL Navigation Nannies is a great name for this video. Love it.

"Pronking" lesson 101 Thanks for finding this Mel.  They do look like they're celebrating and jumping for joy!

Sorry for copycatting you. Sometimes it's hard for me to find a good video for the Daily Cover Video, and you get me pointed in the right direction. I think you and I are the only ones that ever watch these videos. This one was beautifully set to music, and the white butterflies were really neat along with the springboks. Never heard of the word pronking. LOL

Well I know that Dale watches them sometimes, but he's pretty closed mouthed with his comments. There may be others that watch and keep their thoughts to themselves too. I'm pretty sure Larry is one of them, as he told me once when he had a problem viewing.

Yeh, you're probably right. I know there are days when I don't have a comment to make, and you too. LOL

I enjoyed the WTF moments, even the ones is a different language. LOL

Do you know if the guy ramming the "door" with the go cart, was trying to get downstairs?  It looked like he finally got through but couldn't tell if the cart fell down some stairs, cart and all. 

That man was in a mobility scooter, and had a short temper. That was an elevator, not stairs. I have seen this video before, outside of this particular compilation. Being that he missed the elevator, and being short tempered, he kept ramming the elevator door until he busted through. He fell down the elevator shaft and died.

Guess that was not the thing to do!

LOL Well said!

I liked the song but don't know the man singing it.

He was the lead singer of The Casinos who had a hit with the song in 1967. This video is from 1999. He still had a great voice.





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