What TV Shows and Movies did you grow up with?

"Ringer" (The CW)
"Alcatraz" (Fox)
"Harry's Law" (NBC)
"Pan Am" (ABC)
"Awake" (NBC)
"Breaking In" (Fox)
"Bent" (NBC)
"The River" (ABC)
"A Gifted Man" (CBS)
"Missing" (ABC)
"Are You There, Chelsea?" (NBC)
"The Secret Circle" (The CW)
"The Finder" (Fox)
"Best Friends Forever" (NBC)
"I Hate My Teenage Daughter" (Fox)
"The Firm" (NBC)

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These decisions in some cases show the network's disdain for viewers. Alcatraz ended with the female lead dying? in the street. The Finder left about 5 loose ends, as did Secret circle. I'll really be interested to see what Fox does on Monday since House will leave a huge hole. I gave up on Ringer early, and Missing would probably have been a good two hour movie. Most of the others I didn't sample, but I know some of you folk liked awake. Too confusing for me. Oh well, Sons of Anarchy starts soon. I did see Breaking in a few times and thought it was kind of funny, especially since Megan Mullaly came on. This goes, and the totally unfunny, crude 2 Broke girls comes back? Sign of the apocalypse

Yep, I liked Awake but not sure it would have made a whole second season. I have been dealing with going digital for the first time, since Comcast stopped supporting analog in March. Just last week, we finally got almost everything working (rooftop antenna, new flat screen TV, switching out all recorders that were not ATSC compliant, WinTV recorder and new Nero software to deal with HD, etc, etc, etc. but too little too late for most of the NBC and FOX shows.  The one show I was able to finish out the season on was Fringe!

I liked Awake, Harry's Law, Alcatraz and
one whole
episode of Missing.  LOL The premise on that show spelled out TV movie, like you said, because as soon as she finds her son it's all over.  I wouldn't have watched The River, if you paid me.  Dale watched The Finder but didn't mention loose ends.  I knew The Firm was going South as soon as NBC moved it to Saturday night.  I find myself having major problems with all sit-coms now-a-days, and only really watch Big Bang and Mike & Molly.  Everything else is just not what I consider funny, since I can't stand the Charlie Sheen replacement, so lost Two and a Half Men when Kutcher took over.

The Apocalypse you're speaking of is the end of the Myan calendar come the Winter solstice (December 21, 2010), or just the Networks behaving badly???

Anyway, now that the digital fiasco is handled, I should be able to start working on some new game pieces for you on Radio Daze.  I don't know how long it will take me to put them together but the will be in the works.

Good on radio daze. The Finder ended with the Finder probably going to jail, the female lead possibly losing her job as a police officer, and the female juvenile running away from a prospective bad marriage. Loose to me. I also like this new logo thing, altho I'm not overly astute at it. They often show up on trivia contests.

I did ask Dale and he said you're right on all Finder counts. 

It's difficult to find what might have been good radio shows to add to the list.  Lots of them are collections (like excerpts from different shows) of different celebrities, so can't be included.  I will find what I can, but there might not be that many. 





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